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7 thoughts on “~WELCOME TO DSN!~

  1. I tried to login but the prompt said no such email was registered. This is the same email address and I used the PW that was given to me when the site moved.

  2. I am basic pyschic for a long time since I was young. Guess what ? I saw myself before I was born. It was real fantastic. I just met my deaf pyshic friend who lived from Ontario. We talked each other. She told me about your Pyschic Workshop in Boston, U.S.A. Wow.
    Take care from John Bisson

  3. Throughout my 25s I became more and more aware that there was some kind of inner life that existed in the background of my awareness that I wanted to get in touch with. Like many spiritual seekers I was interested in knowing the mysteries of reality. I hungered for more and meditated every morning after reading and hearing about them thru DSN and spiritual club. I looked forward to my daily meditations and tried to maintain my awareness of the third eye during my daily activities I’m still struggling with spiritual awakening. Hope this page will help me how to awaken my 3rd eye. Your help would be appreciated thanks namaste

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